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Power In Taking Ownership.

Jun 01, 2023
When we are wronged, betrayed, and/or abused, it is only natural to feel the person or people who have betrayed our trust is responsible for the crummy way we feel inside. 
That is a prime example of a thought process that will never allow us to heal.
Thoughts and statements like...
"He lied to me for years,"
"I was abused during the whole course of my childhood years."
These are examples of thoughts that rob us of our peace, happiness, and success. 
There are so many wonderful things waiting to be achieved by you, but you will not be able to achieve them while in a blame type frame of mindset.
We may think well Jane over there has all these wonderful things, and she's always smiling. Why can't I have that? She must of had a good childhood, or she is just lucky.
I promise you that whatever type of childhood she had is irrelevant because the only thing that determines your happiness is you! 
Not your experiences, not your luck, not even your friends, family, or partner are responsible for your happiness or success. 
Depending on someone else for your happiness is not only impossible to achieve, but it is not fair to place that responsibility on someone. They will eventually tire of being that person who always has to bring you up. They will become resentful and possibly avoid the relationship, whether it be of a romantic nature, friendship, or family.  
If someone is always treating you terrible, the harsh truth is it is you that is to blame. No one can treat us anyway we don't allow when we are adults.
You have the power to end daily unhappiness in your life. You have the power to change your mind and truly change your life. 
I myself have overcome trauma and abuse. Most people said I wouldn't ever be able to have a rewarding life. I am here to tell you that no matter what you've been through... You can achieve happiness and success. It is my purpose in life to help others overcome! 
Taking the first step is the most important step. 
Your improved life is waiting for you.